About this tutorial

This tutorial will explain how you can use GSpeakers to design your own loudspeaker system. The final example system will use drivers that I have used in a real loudspeaker system.
However, the crossover in this tutorial is not the crossover used in the real system because the reality is a little bit more complicated then the theory we work with in GSpeakers. Also you have to live with my not allways correct english grammar. English is not my native language. Please mail me any suggestions and corrections to this tutorial. All theoretical discussion in this tutorial is my own opinions (and knowledge) on speakerbuildning. If your a newbe you should probably read a newbie tutorial before you read this tutorial. This is not meant to be a tutorial on how to build loudspeakers, it is meant to be a tutorial on how to build loudspeakers using GSpeakers as a design aid.
I will design a loudspeaker with 3 drivers, a woofer, midrange and a tweeter. In this example we will assume that the drivers are mounted at the front of the loudspeaker enclosure. Also, GSpeakers does not care about the fact that the drivers will not have their acoustic center-point at the same spot on the enclosure. This feature may be present in future versions of GSpeakers but initially I have left out most properties of a loudspeaker where the theory might be very different from the reality.