The midrange

The midrange might be the most important driver in our loudspeaker system. Since the bass only will be used up to about 150-200 Hz a lot of high quality drivers will do. However, the midrange will be used from 150 Hz up to 2000-3000Hz. The higher we can push the midrange the better since the tweeter might have some problems around 2000-4000Hz due to cabinet effects such as standing waves between the edge of the driver and the edges of the cabinet.
We will take a look at two midrange drivers. Seas L14RCY/P which is a 5.25 inches driver with an aluminium cone. It has a very flat (but increaseing magnitude as the frequency increases) frequency response. Also it looks "cool" and looks a lot like the Seas woofer. However, the flat frequnecy response only reach up to 1500 Hz which might be a problem since we want to use a higher cutoff frequnecy. The other midrange driver we will evaluate is Seas T14RCY/P-H. It has an XP code (which is some sort of plastic). The frequency response is almost equally flat and it has a little bit better frequency response around 1000-3000Hz. It is still a little bit complicated but it looks nicer than the other Seas driver.
Type name, qts, fs and vas into GSpeakers for these two drivers.
Now it is time to choose a couple of tweeters to evaluate.