GSpeakers documentation

The Box/Enclosure history window

This is a window where you can select which enclosure you want to work with. You can also save the list and make backups of enclosures you have tried. This is a useful utility to be able to quickly study differences between two or more enclosures.

The enclosure/box history window

Howto use the enclsure/box history

By clicking on a row in the list you can select the enclsoure you want to work with. Use the buttons to create backups or new enclosures.

The fields in the table

Color: This is the color the GSpeakers will use in a plot.
Plot: Check this toggle cell if you want to view the frequency response of this plot in the plot window.
Identifier: A short identifier for this enclosure.
Id: The unique id for this enclosure. Used for debugging, will not be present in a 1.0 release.
Type: Type of enclosure. Sealed enclosure = 1, ported enclosure = 2.
Vb1: Enclosure volume.
Fb1: Enclosure resonance frequency.
Vb2, Fb2: Currently not used.

The buttons

New copy: Click this button to copy the currently selected enclosure and append to copy to the list.
New crossover: Append a new enclosure to the list.
New xml: Click here to create a new enclosurelist/xml file.
Remove: Remove the currently selected enclosure.
Open: Open a new enclosurelist/xml file.
Append xml: Appends a enclosurelist to the end of the current enclosurelist.
Save: Save the current state of the enclosurelist.
Save as: Save the current enclosurelist to a new filename.
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