GSpeakers documentation

Table of contents


Documentation on how to install GSpeakers on different platforms.
Installation on Linux


A (not finished) tutorial on how to use GSpeakers to design your loudspeaker.

General documentation

Documentation on general concepts in GSpeakers
The concept of lists in GSpeakers

Program windows

For example the speaker editor, filter control panel...
The Speakereditor
The crossover history window
The current crossover window
The speaker selector
The box editor
The box history window

More information about speakerbuilding

Here are some links to external websites providing more information about speakerbuilding. Please realize that you will find a lot of information on this topic and not much of it will be useful. Articles in magazines are usually much better than the stuff on the web. However, most articles I have read do not cover all details you want to know about. If you've got general questions about building loudspeakers, feel free to send me a mail (to the adress below). I may be able to answer your question but I cannot promise anything.
Daniel Sundberg, dss at home dot se