GSpeakers Documentation

General concept of lists

Often when you want to do something related to loudspeaker design you will find that you want to do the same thing with a number of different parts: for example electronic components or enclosure designs. This is why GSpeakers stores all data in list. All enclosures, loudspeakers and crossovers are stored in a list. When you save your work those lists will be written to the harddrive as xml-files. Xml enables human readable files but still it is easy to implement parsers for xml files in a program. However, libxml2, used in GSpeakers will save all data to one row in an xml file. Use the command 'xmllint --format gspeakersfile.xml' to display the data in a more convenient way. Unfortunately libxml2 cannot read this much nicer formatted xml file.
Daniel Sundberg, dss at home dot se