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GSpeakers is a multi platform loudspeaker design program. It's built using the Gtkmm libraries (C++ wrapper for the Gtk+ libraries The reason I started to work on this program was that I could not find any other Gtk/Gnome based loudspeaker design program. The question I had to ask myself was: How can I make it easier to design loudspeakers? You can download the result of my work (so far).
Although GSpeakers was built for Linux and the Gnome platform you should be able to build GSpeakers on any Unix system, on Microsoft Windows (with mingw) and on MacOS-X.


GSpeakers-0.11 (2004-06-22, gtkmm-2.4)
GSpeakers-0.10.1 (2003-03-11, gtkmm-2.0)
GSpeakers-0.1 (2002-01-07, gtkmm-1.2)
Please give GSpeakers-0.11 before you try anything older. You need libxml2 (avaliable on most Linux system by default) and Gtkmm-2.4 to compile GSpeakers. If you are using MacOS-X, please read the MacOS-X installation instructions. I you use windows you also have some reading to do, README.win32. You might also want to try the Windows binaries that will be avaliable soon.
To use GSpeakers you also need a SPICE interpreter. GSpeakers works with three different SPICE interpreters: Berkley SPICE, NGSpice or Gnucap. I recommend using gnucap because that is the one that was easiest to compile on different platforms so in the future GSpeakers might only support gnucap.
Read some more in the installation instructions.


2004-06-22: GSpeakers-0.11 released today. The great news are: GSpeakers now works on Windows and MacOS-X. Other important stuff is that you now need gtkmm-2.4 to build GSpeakers so that you can enjoy the new file chooser. GSpeakers now also supports two additional SPICE interpreters, you can now use ngspice or gnucap.
2003-03-11: GSpeakers-0.10.1 released today. A lot of bugs were fixed in this release. If you had problems with segfaults or problems compiling previous versions of GSpeakers you should definately upgrade. Other good news is that there now is Gtkmm win32 binaries avaliable. This means that one of the next few releases of GSpeakers will run on win32. Download GSpeakers-0.10.1.
2003-02-14: A little bit longer than expected before I could do this release but here it is. I have improved the enclosure editor, the UI is adjusted to follow the Gnome HIG a little bit more, the toolbars are improved and instant apply was implemented in the configuration dialog. Also the swedish translation was updated to follow. Take a good look at the new screenshots and at the updated roadmap. If you want to take part in the GSpeakers development process a good place to start is to translate GSpeakers to you language. Contact me for more information.
2003-01-25: A long time since last release but I've added a couple of useful features since then. Initial gettext-support and a swedish translation was added. Other new stuff is a visual image of the components of the currently selected crossover network. I have also worked a little bit on the roadmap and I have now decided to target against a stable 1.0-release before the summer. However, I am sorry to say that I have dropped windows support for now since there are no precompiled gtkmm-2.0 binaries avaliable. Download GSpeakers-0.9 and take a look at the updated roadmap.
2002-12-20: I wanted to make this program work on windows before christmas but I could not make that happen. It compiles on windows but the spice-part of the program does not work. However, there is enough new code in cvs to motivate a christmas release so here it is: GSpeakers-0.8.4. A couple of bugs were fixed and I have made a couple of nice UI tweaks. I have also uploaded the tutorial and updated the roadmap.
2002-11-08: Long time since the last release. No release yet but I'm working on compiling a command line spice program for windows so that next release of GSpeakers can run on windows. It compiles fine but I need some spice too...
2002-10-15: New release (GSpeakers-0.8.3) which fixed a problem that occured when GSpeakers is compiled with gtkmm-1.3.24. Also a bug that caused GSpeakers to segfault the first time it was started was fixed. So if GSpeakers segfaulted when you tried to install previous versions you should download and install the new version. I am going to move to Luleň next week so I will not be able to do so much work on GSpeakers the next few weeks...
2002-10-09: Last couple of days I spent some time writing a GSpeakers tutorial. Using your own program for real work is allways good and of course you will find a few bugs too. So here is a brand new bugfix release (GSpeakers-0.8.2). I hope this one wont segfault as soon as you try to use it...
2002-10-03: A couple of critical bugs turned up in GSpeakers-0.8, some buttons were left unconnected to their callback functions. So, here is an update, GSpeakers-0.8.1. A couple of other bugfixes were also included, for example now gspeakers does not try to plot anything when you don't want it to. This means that it should not segfault on a fresh install when SPICE is not installed.
2002-10-01: New release today. Time to start using silly release names. So here it is, the brand new GSpeakers 0.8 (The Hollywood Life). Of course the release names will be related to music, a lifetime of free GSpeakers releases to the one who can guess from where the releases' names come from. Lots of new features, improvements and bugfixes in this release. For example, now you can plots the estimated frequency response of your loudspeaker system. Check out the new screenshots. During the past week I've been working on a windows port of GSpeakers but it is still a week or so away... Expect the next release to run on windows.
2002-09-23: Spent a lot of time this weekend designing icons for GSpeakers. This means that GSpeakers is a lot prettier now than in past releases. Make sure you check out the new screenshots. I've also updated the UI (once again) and there are a couple of other changes/bugfixes. The most important is probably the integration of the driver editor into the main window. Now you can use the driver tab sort of like you use a folder with datasheets. Tell me what you think about the updated UI. Please read the installation instructions before complaining that GSpeakers won't compile/install.
2002-09-15: Election day in Sweden. A good day to release a new version of GSpeakers (GSpeakers-0.6) to the only community where democracy really works and where you can make a huge difference. In this release you can use a more advanced model than a resistor to model the speaker impedance. This release also contains a plot of the total filter frequency response and you can remove debug output (to console) at configure time. Also this release should compile on gcc-3.*-systems. Please read the installtion instructions. Check out the new screenshot and the (once again) updated roadmap. The documentation is pretty much outdated by now but please be patient. I will work on the doc as soon as the UI stabilizes...
2002-09-08: Released GSpeakers-0.5 today. In this release you can visualize the frequency response of a filter in a graph, similiar to the way you can simulate the frequency response of a enclosure. To do these simulations you need an external SPICE interpreter. Please read the installtion instructions. Check out the new screenshots and the updated roadmap.
2002-08-31: Released GSpeakers-0.4 today. Now you can use GSpeakers to calculate simple crossover networks. However, the real fun will begin in next release where you will be able to plot the frequency response of a filter. This will be a very powerful feature. For now, download the new version and play around with it. Also, take a look at the new screenshots!
2002-08-25: Released GSpeakers-0.3 today. I've done a lot of work on a new GUI. Tell me what you think about it. I've also made some preparations for easier development down the road. Also I've inserted some widgets (a crossover list) that is useless in this release but it's there because I want people to see how i have imagined that the UI should look like. Notmally I would not do that but since I'm not going to promote this release heavily I decided to go for it...
2002-08-21: Released GSpeakers-0.2 today. Almost all code from GSpeakers-0.1 has been rewritten.
2002-01-07: Initial public release of gspeakers-0.1 today. Download.
What about filters/crossover networks?
This functionality will be added to the new unstable branch. See the "Help needed" section for more information.
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