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Help needed

Open source projects always need help!!! There's always something you can do to help. Check the TODO-file for the unstable GSpeakers to see where to start if you want to help. Most issues in the TODO-file is not very difficult. The TODO-file contains mostly improvements to the current source tree.
I have now decided to work on a stable 1.0 release of GSpeakers some time this spring. This will be a well tested and (hopefully) stable release suitable for packaging into debs and rpms.
Roadmap (updated 2004-06-22)
The roadmap contains features that will be added in future releases of GSpeakers.
Note that the version number marks features that will be implemented. They are not listed in the order they will be implemented.
GSpeakers-0.9: GSpeakers should work on locales other than the default locale. GSpeakers uses gettext for internationalisation. (done)
GSpeakers-0.9: Add part placement design view (only visual view, not interactive).(done)
GSpeakers-0.10: Redesign the enclosure editor tab. (done)
GSpeakers-0.10.1: Bugfix release (done)
GSpeakers-0.11: GSpeakers compiles and runs on windows (done).
GSpeakers-0.11: Gtkmm-2.4 and use the new FileChooser (done).
I have not really planned what's next. I think I just will work on the features that I think is most important that particular day.
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